Remembrance Poppies at Sandown
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Remembrance Poppies at Sandown

Whilst we do not want to upset children, it is so important for today’s carefree and instantly-gratified children to have a concept of the hardships of war. Books and poems can be a fantastic way to achieve this (along with film and T.V. versions of the books.) Although they have great grandparents who tell them about life in the war, are taught about it at school and know it was actually not that long ago, the concept of what life was like is not always appreciated.

Here are some ideas for you.Most of these ideas suit older children (7+) but you can adapt and add to the list:

Watch or read Goodnight Mr Tom; find out what the poppy and the colours represent; watch some of the parades and minute silences; take your child/children/class to see a village or town memorial, looking at some of the names – who could those people be?; create a World War II meal based on some of the recipes used (BEWARE – some do not taste good!); Watch Warhorse; visit any local museum exhibitions on the World Wars; if you are near London, go to the Imperial War Museum and Whitechapel; look up some World War poetry; read: When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit by Shirley Hughes; look at the BBC Schools Page for lots of videos and information on both World War I and II; watch or read Horrible Histories Frightful First World War and Woeful Second World War.

The list could go on and on but I did say ‘some ideas’  not a million and you can contact us on with any ways you have shared the event.