Exciting Training

We work across the UK with tourism businesses looking to grow their educational markets. Our experienced trainers offer a variety of high-quality sessions to develop knowledge, confidence and competence. The following is an example of the types of training sessions we offer.


Exciting Safety

  • Safeguarding your visitors and your staff
  • Designing current, fit for purpose policies for safeguarding and staff conduct
  • Creating a safe setting – managing risks to avoid accidents
  • Behaviour management

Exciting Education

  • What is Age-Appropriate Learning?
  • Developing an Exciting Creative Curriculum based around your unique setting and staff skills
  • Creating a National Curriculum Relevant Offer from Early Years, through Primary and Secondary years to ‘A’ Level as required
  • Designing an Exciting Space for Learning
  • Behaviour Management
  • Creating an Education Working Group for ongoing development

Exciting Marketing

  • Effective Communication to Schools
  • What Teachers Want and How to Sell to Teachers
  • An Exciting School Welcome
  • Exciting Customer Service schools will expect
  • Going ‘Off-Piste’: Selling an Alternative Programme to Schools
  • Website review and design to attract schools
  • Building Relationships for Repeat Visits

Exciting Inclusivity

  • Supporting the Learner with Special Needs: General 
  • Supporting the Learner with Special Needs: Specialist areas including Autism Friendly, Physically Friendly, Hearing Friendly, ADD and ADHD Friendly
  • Supporting the Learner with Special Needs: Creating Sensory Trails
  • Creating an Education Working Group

Exciting Emotional Wellbeing

  • How to create a positive, solution focussed approach to life’s challenges
  • How to reduce staff absenteeism through the use of Emotional Logic
  • How to help your staff feel happier at home and re-discover a joy for life
  • How to understand the emotions you and your customers experience including their useful purposes and ways to de-escalate difficult situations

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