Exciting Training

We work across the UK with tourism businesses looking to grow their educational markets. Our experienced trainers offer a variety of high-quality sessions to develop knowledge, confidence and competence. The following is an example of the types of training sessions we offer. All training is bespoke and built around our client’s unique needs.


Exciting Safety

  • Safeguarding your visitors and your staff, including COVID safety
  • Designing current, fit for purpose policies for safeguarding and staff conduct
  • Creating a safe setting – managing risks to avoid accidents
  • Behaviour management

Exciting Education

  • What is Age-Appropriate Learning like at your unique venue?
  • Developing an Exciting Creative Curriculum based around your unique setting and staff skills
  • Creating a National Curriculum Relevant Offer from Early Years, through Primary and Secondary years to ‘A’ Level as required
  • Designing an Exciting Space for Learning
  • Behaviour Management
  • Creating an Education Working Group for ongoing development

Exciting Marketing

  • Effective Communication to Schools
  • What Teachers Want and How to Sell to Teachers
  • An Exciting School Welcome
  • Exciting Customer Service schools will expect
  • Selling a specialist or alternative programme to schools
  • Website review and design to attract schools
  • Building Relationships for Repeat Visits

Exciting Inclusivity

  • Supporting the Learner with Special Needs: General 
  • Supporting the Learner with Special Needs: Specialist areas including Autism Friendly, Physically Friendly, Hearing Friendly, ADD and ADHD Friendly
  • Supporting the Learner with Special Needs: Creating Sensory Trails
  • Creating an Education Working Group

Exciting Emotional Wellbeing

  • How to build inner strength and create a positive, solution focussed approach to life’s challenges
  • How to reduce staff absenteeism through the use of Emotional Logic
  • How to help your staff feel happier at home and re-discover a joy for life
  • How to understand the emotions you and your customers experience including their useful purposes and ways to de-escalate difficult situations

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