Exciting Education Setting of the Month: ArcelorMittal Orbit

Exciting Education Setting of the Month: ArcelorMittal Orbit

The ArcelorMittal Orbit

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London


We have been lucky enough to work with the amazing ArcelorMittal Orbit – the symbol of the 2012 Olympics and Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

During our first visit, we were amazed at all the educational opportunities that it offered. It definitely has the ‘WOW FACTOR’ for pupils.


Before you even arrive, the unusual structure captivates the imagination with its shapes and twists and turns; pupils arrive ready and eager to engage with learning. Why not read on to find out more about the UK’s tallest sculpture?



We have summarised the Top 5 Reasons

Why You Have to Visit with Your School


1. The Slide


Pupils (and teachers) cannot resist the thrill of riding the LONGEST, FASTEST, TALLEST tunnel slide in the World! Not all school trips offer such a unique experience. Travel at speeds of up to 15 m.p.h. as you twist, turn, loop and drop down 178m of slide.

In the 40-second trip, circle around the ArcelorMittal Orbit 12 times and weave your way through the loops and curves, including a tight corkscrew section named the ‘Bettfeder’ – after the German word for ‘bedspring’ – before ending with a 50m straight run back down to Earth!


2. The Views

ArcelorMittal Orbit has fantastic 20-mile, panoramic views of the city. Your pupils will be amazed and engaged with their interactive screens that offer insights into the other iconic buildings within London. Outside viewing areas bring you even closer to the sites and give you a great opportunity to view the areas within the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.



3. Entrance and Exits


At ArcelorMittal Orbit, even the way you arrive and leave the sculpture is extra-ordinary. Your journey begins beneath the 80-tonne domed steel canopy before embarking on a 34 second lift journey 80 feet into the sky! How you exit is your choice … either go back to Earth in 34 seconds via the lift, or if you are brave enough, feel like you are walking on air by taking the 455 stairs that spiral down the outside, whilst you experience a sound experience. And of course, you could always #RideTheSlide to the ground!



4. Accessibility


The team at the ArcelorMittal Orbit have worked hard to be accessible to all. They have a number of features which supports their inclusivity including:

* Specially Designed Mats for The Slide for Physically Impaired Visitors

* Having Wheelchairs Available for Visitors Use

* Step-free Access Throughout

* Complimentary Tickets for Carers

* Disabled Toilets

* Magnifying Glasses for Visually Impaired Visitors

* A tactile Scaled replica of the ArcelorMittal Orbit

* Audio-Descriptive Features on their Interactive Screens

* Static Literature to Assist the Hearing Impaired



5. Interesting Beginnings


Where else can you stand upon a structure with enough steel to make 265 double-decker buses? The ArcelorMittal Orbit is made from 60% recycled Steel and includes steel from washing machines and used cars. These are just some of the facts that will amaze and enthral your pupils.




Check out our summary below


If you would like to book your school trip at the ArcelorMittal Orbit,

go to www.arcelormittalorbit.com for more information.

Are You GDPR Ready?

Are You GDPR Ready?

GDPR: We are counting down to the 25th May 2018 – the date new legislation concerning data protection comes into force. Many of our clients are asking us how it will affect their market strategy for the school market. Find out how you can still benefit from the    data that makes an essential part of your client – relationship building and marketing strategy, without breeching regulations.



What is GDPR?

  GDPR stands for the: General Data Protection Regulation. It is a European Commission approved European privacy law that replaces the “Directive” that has been in place since 1995. Obviously, with the changes in technology over the last 23 years, new legislation is needed to protect people’s privacy. It impacts how organisations can obtain, store, use and delete personal data.  

Do I only have to worry about my UK data?

  No, all EU states are covered by the law so if you operate within the EU, and/or offer services to people in the EU states, you have to comply.  

What rights do individuals have?

  You have a legal duty to keep any data you hold secure – both customer and employee.   GDPR includes the following rights for individuals:
  • the right to be informed;
  • the right of access;
  • the right to rectification;
  • the right to erasure;
  • the right to restrict processing;
  • the right to data portability;
  • the right to object;
  • the right not to be subject to automated decision-making
  When you collect information about people they should know who you are and what you’re going to do with their information. There should be a clear explanation that is easy to find on your website.   Find out more about these terms at www.ico.org.uk  

What will happen if I do not comply?

  Although, ultimately you could be fined, the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) claim that there are assessments that will be conducted before fines are imposed. They will consider: ‘the number of people affected, any damage to the data subjects, the negligent or intentional nature of the infringement and action taken by the data controller to mitigate the damage.’ ICO (accessed www.ico.org.uk 23.4.18)   A blog by Elizabeth Denham, Information Commissioner dated August 9th, 2017 claimed that “It’s true we’ll have the power to impose fines much bigger than the £500,000 limit the DPA allows us. It’s also true that companies are fearful of the maximum £17 million or 4% of turnover allowed under the new law. But it’s scaremongering to suggest that we’ll be making early examples of organisations for minor infringements or that maximum fines will become the norm.” (www.iconewsblog.org.uk accessed 23.4.18)  

How quickly do we have to report a breach?

  You have to report a breach within 72 hours of its discovery. The UK supervisory body is the ICO. You can find their website at www.ico.org.uk  

Do I need a Data Protection Officer?

  Although it is considered best practice to appoint a DPO in larger companies. The following rules apply:   Under the GDPR, you must appoint a DPO if:
  • you are a public authority (except for courts acting in their judicial capacity);
  • your core activities require large scale, regular and systematic monitoring of individuals (for example, online behaviour tracking); or
  • your core activities consist of large scale processing of special categories of data or data relating to criminal convictions and offences.

What if they opted in to receive newsletters or be part of our data?

  It depends on how the data was collected. If you have been transparent about what the data is used for, they opted in and can now opt-out at any time, you are compliant. Continue to allow them to opt-out at any time and make it clear to them.   Remember even if they have been receiving newsletters for a long time, pre-ticked boxes and opt-out style sign-up does not count.  

How soon do we have to pass on data in the event of a ‘Subject Information Request’?

  You have one month to supply the information.

Read Our 6 Step Guide to Help You



For more information about GDPR, or to talk to us about how we can support your venue, click on the picture!
All information has been researched from the ICO website. Any inaccuracies are completely incidental and no liability to Exciting Education or its personnel will incur. The information within this article should not be relied upon as legal advice; the guidance is for your informational purposes only. To ensure that you understand how the GDPR may apply to you, or your organisation, we encourage you to work with legal and other professional organisations.
Supporting Schools to Plan School Trips

Supporting Schools to Plan School Trips


In this blog ‘Supporting Schools to Plan School Trips’, we offer our top tips on how you can help schools make the most of their outings to you. This will increase the likelihood of securing the school booking, ensure more repeat visits and create positive ‘word-of-mouth marketing for your setting.


Top Tips:


It’s All about the Money

Giving advice and simple support to schools about how they can finance their school trips can make the outing seem more affordable. Can you be the source of well-needed advice such as charities that offer support for families to pay for trips or government initiatives? What about local travel support?


Information is Key

Have the information teachers will need readily available. This will include information about:

  • Toilets
  • Accessibility for disabled pupils
  • Lunch space
  • Storage information for bags
  • First aid
  • Risks
  • Educational offer
  • Layout of your setting
  • Parking information


Tell Them: ‘Put Your Feet Up’…

Make it easy for them. The more time you invest in creating an educational offer that cuts the teacher’s workload, the more likely they are to book with you. Whether this is creating regularly updated risk assessments or providing clear education plans, you will save them time. Therefore, the overall cost of your trip will reduce in their eyes; making you look like great value for money!


Go That Extra Mile

Going that extra mile will make all the difference. What can you think of that will make you stand out? Could it be a last minute checklist of essentials they may not have thought of or special shop time for the pupils to buy their souvenirs? You need to show that you are thinking of them and can not wait for them to join you. This will create positive ‘word of mouth’ marketing as well as increase the likelihood of repeat bookings.


Respond Quickly


Teachers are very busy. If you receive an enquiry, try to respond as quickly as possible or they will book elsewhere. Likewise, if they have booked with you already, ensure that you respond to any correspondence ASAP. They will be waiting for quick answers to any questions they may have asked.



Be Online

Ensure that as much information is available on line as possible. Teachers spend a lot of ‘unsociable hours’ searching for school trips. If they can not access information quickly and easily (even if it is just a ‘contact us’ and the details on your website), they will look elsewhere for their trip. The more information you are able to give or hint at the better. This does not mean that all your hard work has to be available online for all to download, but give enough information and accessibility for them to understand how you can enhance their                 pupils’ learning and how they can find out more.


Offer a Visit or Meeting

This can be a clincher. Not only does the teacher get to have a free day out, they also see first-hand how your attraction can benefit their curriculum. If it is not suitable to join you, a phone call or webinar discussion to ensure that they understand what you can offer, the itinerary of the day and clarify any questions they may have, will be more effective than e-mails being pinged back and forth.


For further information about how our consultancy can improve your offer to schools or families, contact us on info@excitingeducation.co.uk or 07846281171. 
Alternatively, fill in our Contact Us page and we will get back to you ASAP.