Barrier 4 Safeguarding – does everyone know how effective your safeguarding procedures are? 

School staff anxiety around whether or not your venue meets their stringent safeguarding requirements can be a barrier if not handled correctly. 

How you can help

Perception is everything. You may have excellent, up to date, safeguarding procedures in place that are of the standard schools expect but does the school know this? Consider preparing a safeguarding pack with what schools want to hear, for example, that all of your staff are DBS checked, that you have key staff trained in paediatric first aid, a copy of your safeguarding and child protection policy is available on your website and so on. If you are not sure how to design and write these policies to meet today’s requirements, contact us and we can help.

Ask schools if there is anything else they need to hear or see. Let them know if staff are trauma responsive because they have received training in Emotional Logic, de-escalation, dyslexia, ADHD or anything else that would be useful. Are your staff familiar with the contents of Keeping Children Safe in Education? What about site security? What about a major incident plan? Do schools know you have these in place? Are these available for them to read? All this gives a feeling of professionalism and reassurance. If your policies are out of date and have not been reviewed in recent years this will not inspire confidence.

Contact us if you would like help reviewing your safeguarding procedures and policies so that you can help schools overcome this barrier. We are the experts in helping you adapt your offer to attract more school visitors to your site. Our team is made up of currently serving teachers and school leaders. 

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