Barrier 3 Affordability

How you can help make visits more affordable for schools without reducing your entrance price 

You might be surprised to learn that the cost of getting into your venue is not necessarily the biggest financial barrier schools face. There are often hidden costs such as the high cost of transport or if schools are required to pay for a number of additional adults. 

Transport costs

The rising cost of fuel has mean that transport costs, particularly using coaches, can sometime make the visit unaffordable. You may want to explore setting up an arrangement with local coach companies to offer special deals for repeat business to your setting. It is also worth reminding the teacher who is booking that traveling outside of school hours is always cheaper. They can stay with you longer and possibly spend more!

Having to pay for additional adults

We all know that there are recommended adult to child ratios for different age groups, but some groups need additional supervision due to the particular cohort of children. This will be for a range of reasons – physical, emotional or educational needs, even safeguarding requirements. Teachers are sometimes surprised at how rigid certain venues can be when it comes to allowing free adult places and are put off by this.

When offering free adult places, consider the upselling opportunities – how much tea, coffee and cake will the adults buy while they are with you? How many of them will take up your offer of discounted return visits, bring their entire family, buy lunch in your cafe and take home souvenirs?

Contact us if you would like to know more about how to help schools overcome the financial barriers they face and attract more school groups to your venue. We are the experts in helping you adapt your offer to attract more school visitors to your site. Our team is made up of currently serving teachers and school leaders. 

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