Barrier 2 Awareness – Do the key people in schools know what you currently offer? How do you let schools know that you have the perfect venue for their educational visit? 

Awareness barriers can arise on both sides.

Schools may not be fully aware of what educational experiences your venue can offer different age groups.

Venues are not always fully aware of what schools are looking for and their current offer may not fit what schools want. Thankfully, there are solutions to both of these barriers.

How you can help

As explained in our last blog, first plan, prepare and perfect your offer to schools and make sure it is linked to the current curriculum and high profile areas. Once that is done, the schools need to know what makes you better than the rest! Here are some of our top tips:

  • Clarity on the education section of your website is key. Schools need to be able to see what you offer and know precisely how it meets their current curriculum needs. 
  • A targeted marketing program, focusing on your specific curriculum offer, aimed at the right people is essential. As you have probably discovered, traditional marketing methods don’t work well with schools; blanket emails to schools will not get to the people you want.
  • Search engine optimisation and the use of specific, specialist websites can help get your message out there in the right places.

Contact us if you would like our help to tailor your offer, website or marketing plan to fit the current curriculum requirements and attract more school groups to your venue. We are the experts in helping you adapt your offer to attract more school visitors to your site. Our team is made up of currently serving teachers and school leaders.

Our next blog – Affordability barriers and how you can help without reducing your entrance price.