As it is National Poetry Day I thought I would share one of my own … ENJOY!

I Tried to Write a Poem

I tried to write a poem,

but I just couldn’t think;

all I could do was stare,

and blink and blink and blink.


My dragon of a teacher told me:

‘Make it mature’,

but all I could think of

was poo, bum and manure.


My use of alliterative choices,

at best are cheap,

and I can’t use onomatopoeias

like crash, bang and beep.


Don’t get me started,

on personification or similes;

they grab, twist  and hit me

like the heat at 100 degrees.


Metaphors pass me by

(like a thief in the night).

I can never seem to get them,

I am never ever right.


So I am sorry that I failed,

but it’s obvious you see,

I really can’t do this tricky thing,

called poetry.


Rebecca Martin