We are all having to adapt to huge changes and uncertainty due to the COVID19 outbreak. Tourism based business have been hit very hard and this not only hurts us financially. For most people, their mental health and the mental health of their loved ones is also a concern. The team at Exciting Education are working in collaboration with their colleagues at the Emotional Logic Centre, a Devon based charity, to offer a number of free services for adults employed in the tourism and heritage sector and for their children.

We are now able to offer you:

  • A free WhatsApp learning and support group for adults led by a qualified Emotional Logic coach. This 14 day course will help you to gain insight into the useful purpose of your emotions and will help you learn about the healthy adjustment process, creating a pathway to hope. You will discover practical ways to deal with the emotional issues you, your colleagues or family are struggling with. If you wish, you can chat with other members of the group and exchange ideas and support. 
  • A range of seven books specifically written to support children as they experience the emotions associated with changes and setbacks in life. Available free in digital format, each one addresses a key emotional area. These books are already widely used in primary schools across the UK and overseas.
  • Personal, confidential email advice for those struggling with their emotions from a qualified Emotional Logic coach.
  • In addition to our mental health support, we have written a series of articles to support tourism and heritage businesses to improve their offer to schools and increase school visits once restrictions are lifted. These are all available for free in the blog section of our website. 
  • We also offer free email advice regarding our Exciting Education services and how we could work with you to design bespoke plans to increase school visits to your venue, once restrictions are lifted.

You don’t need to struggle on your own. If you are interested in taking advantage of any of this free support, please contact me for further details. 


Project Director, Exciting Education