World Book Day: School Trip Inspiration

World Book Day: School Trip Inspiration

School trip ideas with with a World Book Day twist.

With World Book Day approaching, we have been thinking about school trip itineraries with a difference. We know demands on teachers are increasing; therefore, the more leisure and tourism and heritage venues can support them when planning their school visits, the more likely they are to book.


There are many authors, tales and stories originating all over Great Britain that will inspire young people to engage with storytelling and stimulate their imaginations. Many of these stories, and the wonderful authors who wrote them, are celebrated all year round; however, there is no better time than World Book Day to start hunting for inspiration for your next educational visit.


Click on the links below to access our itineraries.


AA Milne – East Sussex


Beatrix Potter – Lake District


JK Rowling and Harry Potter – Edinburgh


C S Lewis in Northern Ireland


Michael Morpurgo and Dartmoor


Robin Hood – Sherwood Forest


J.R.R. Tolkien and Birmingham


For more information about World Book Day go to

If you require any help creating itineraries for your setting, marketing to schools or improving your education offer,  please contact us at; we would love to hear from you.


Encourage More School Trips to Your Attraction

Encourage More School Trips to Your Attraction


We have been working with a number of leisure and tourism attractions and supporting them in understanding how annual school events can boost visitor numbers. Today is Outdoor Classroom Day; read on to find out how you can use this event to encourage school trips to your setting.

Take a moment and consider the last time you saw a child excited and enthused by what they were doing, smiling and laughing and eager to explore. Were they sat in a classroom struggling to understand a new concept in maths or science while looking longingly out the window; was it at playtime while exploring with their friends; or on their last school trip where they were free to explore their learning outside of the classroom?


Combining the energy and enthusiasm shown by children when they are enjoying the outdoors and teaching concepts using real life exploration is the key to outdoor learning. Taking learning outside the classroom is not a new idea but more evidence is being gathered each year showing the powerful effect it has on children of all ages and teachers.


Last year, Government organisation, Natural England, published findings from its Natural Connections Demonstration Project — showing that:

  • 95% of teachers say taking lessons outdoors make them more enjoyable
  • 90% of pupils who go outdoors to learn feel happier and healthier
  • 96% of parents say play enables children to become well-rounded adults


Now, if you’ve ever taught children outside and seen their eyes light up at new experiences; if you have ever observed them making sense of a new concept when learning outside, you won’t need the above statistics –  you’ll have experienced the benefits.


Back in 2011, Anna Portch developed the original Outdoor Classroom campaign. From a few London schools being involved in 2012, it has grown into a global movement — in 2016 almost half a million children across over 50 countries got outdoors to play and learn as part of their school day.


Thursday 12th October is global outdoor classroom day. This is a day to celebrate outdoor learning and play; to inspire schools everywhere to make outdoor learning and play part of the every day. Even if you haven’t signed up for this year, use the day as a reason to get outdoors with your class, enjoy the benefits and sign up for next year.  Go to for more information.


This is a fantastic opportunity for leisure and tourism businesses to receive more school visits. Here are some ways you can use this event to encourage educational trips:

  1. Collaborate with schools to create a special Outdoor Classroom Day event at your setting that they will attend. 
  2. Remind teachers that you have Outdoor Classroom Day opportunities for pupils already at your setting.
  3. Use the statistics to encourage schools to sign up to the day and come to you for an exciting day of outside learning.
  4. Encourage teachers by reminding them that you are taking the pressure of them by doing all the planning and resource creating – they only need to turn up!
  5. Contact the Outdoor Classroom Day team to gain ideas and support.


If you would like more information about gaining more school visits to your setting contact us via e-mail at and we would be more than happy to talk to you. 

How an Education Consultant Can Help You

How an Education Consultant Can Help You

Why do you need an education consultant?


What benefits can we bring to your company / charity / tourist attraction? Read on to find out more.


We meet many people who ask what we do and how can we help them.


Our answer is very simple: we can support you to make improvements to your setting and ensure that you are more attractive to your target market – whether it be families or school children, or both.

This is how:


A ‘Fresh Pair of Eyes’  

When people are ‘in the thick’ of an organisation or project, it can be very difficult to obtain  a clear view of what is really happening. They are so immersed in coping with the day-to-day work that they can lose that ability to see what is really occurring on all levels and if important changes need to be made. Time constraints can play a factor here too, with many personnel taking on multiple roles all with different objectives.

We can be the ‘new pair of eyes’ through which you see the real situation. Providing confirmation for solutions you deep-down already knew but may not have had the confidence to put in place; as well as creating solutions that you were unable to see.  All put into a format that is clear to understand, thus, allowing you to move forward and make swift changes that create positive results.



As we highlighted above, sometimes it is hard to see what strategic and operational changes need to be made within an organisation. You have so many priorities to consider that it can be difficult to organise all the education or family engagement areas that need to be developed.

Working with us can help you by creating the ideas you need and putting them into clear formats, whether this be reports with direct action plans or simple analysis tables. We blow away the fog to develop a clear road ahead. 


Insider Knowledge


We know education! Imagine taking your car to be fixed by someone who has not trained to be a mechanic or has no knowledge of cars…that is the same as writing education programmes without using an education expert.

We are experts in fixing or designing education and family friendly programmes because we have trained, worked in and have a deep understanding of education and children. We know what teachers want and what children need and this knowledge can be passed on to you.




 We work with other settings every day which means we have lots of ideas and contacts that can help you. From knowing which audio tour companies deliver quality at a great price, to innovative ideas that capture imaginations and inspires a generation of life-long learners – we see best practice every day.

Instead of spending hours researching new ideas, new products and new programmes, we can support you by giving you this information; we do the work for you!




Using a consultant is cost-effective in many ways.

Firstly, we are only a temporary and freelance ‘cog-in-the wheel’. You do not need to appoint longer-term employee and all the expenses that come with this personnel type. We are only a short-term expense.

Also, as highlighted in all the points raised above (‘Fresh-eyes; Clarity; Knowledge) we create solutions that work. We solve the problem or achieve the objectives set –  both quickly and effectively – which saves you time and money.


Contact Us: 

If you would like to get in contact with our team do not hesitate to:

Call us on: 07846281171

E-mail on:

or complete the contact form on our website:

Please note our website is under-going re-development; it is still functioning but will soon contain more information for you about our work.

Supporting Schools to Plan School Trips

Supporting Schools to Plan School Trips


In this blog ‘Supporting Schools to Plan School Trips’, we offer our top tips on how you can help schools make the most of their outings to you. This will increase the likelihood of securing the school booking, ensure more repeat visits and create positive ‘word-of-mouth marketing for your setting.


Top Tips:


It’s All about the Money

Giving advice and simple support to schools about how they can finance their school trips can make the outing seem more affordable. Can you be the source of well-needed advice such as charities that offer support for families to pay for trips or government initiatives? What about local travel support?


Information is Key

Have the information teachers will need readily available. This will include information about:

  • Toilets
  • Accessibility for disabled pupils
  • Lunch space
  • Storage information for bags
  • First aid
  • Risks
  • Educational offer
  • Layout of your setting
  • Parking information


Tell Them: ‘Put Your Feet Up’…

Make it easy for them. The more time you invest in creating an educational offer that cuts the teacher’s workload, the more likely they are to book with you. Whether this is creating regularly updated risk assessments or providing clear education plans, you will save them time. Therefore, the overall cost of your trip will reduce in their eyes; making you look like great value for money!


Go That Extra Mile

Going that extra mile will make all the difference. What can you think of that will make you stand out? Could it be a last minute checklist of essentials they may not have thought of or special shop time for the pupils to buy their souvenirs? You need to show that you are thinking of them and can not wait for them to join you. This will create positive ‘word of mouth’ marketing as well as increase the likelihood of repeat bookings.


Respond Quickly


Teachers are very busy. If you receive an enquiry, try to respond as quickly as possible or they will book elsewhere. Likewise, if they have booked with you already, ensure that you respond to any correspondence ASAP. They will be waiting for quick answers to any questions they may have asked.



Be Online

Ensure that as much information is available on line as possible. Teachers spend a lot of ‘unsociable hours’ searching for school trips. If they can not access information quickly and easily (even if it is just a ‘contact us’ and the details on your website), they will look elsewhere for their trip. The more information you are able to give or hint at the better. This does not mean that all your hard work has to be available online for all to download, but give enough information and accessibility for them to understand how you can enhance their                 pupils’ learning and how they can find out more.


Offer a Visit or Meeting

This can be a clincher. Not only does the teacher get to have a free day out, they also see first-hand how your attraction can benefit their curriculum. If it is not suitable to join you, a phone call or webinar discussion to ensure that they understand what you can offer, the itinerary of the day and clarify any questions they may have, will be more effective than e-mails being pinged back and forth.


For further information about how our consultancy can improve your offer to schools or families, contact us on or 07846281171. 
Alternatively, fill in our Contact Us page and we will get back to you ASAP. 


Excited To Be Working With Visit Dartmoor!

Exciting Education’s Dartmoor Ambassador 

Visit Dartmoor

Visit Dartmoor

We are excited to announce our MD, Rebecca, as the Visit Dartmoor Ambassador for 2017. The following article is available on the Visit Dartmoor website at  Although we have worked with Visit Dartmoor on their holiday calendars for families, Rebecca will now be working closely with the team to promote Dartmoor and share its wonders with you! 

The Article: 

Rebecca Martin

Rebecca Martin

‘Our Visit Dartmoor Ambassador Rebecca Martin is an educational consultant and writer with an expert eye!
Rebecca is a consultant and writer who offers the ‘expert eye’ for businesses, companies and charities wanting to attract young customers and families. From creating educational activities, trails and workshops for tourist attractions that will inspire and enthrall children, to making hotels and restaurants more family friendly; With a wealth of experience in education and tourism, she knows how to create ‘the place to visit’ for children and families.

“I am so proud to be an Ambassador for Visit Dartmoor. To work with such a passionate team to promote Dartmoor is a dream come true.” Having grown up on Dartmoor with the ‘moor’ being her playground, Rebecca has a passion to help families utilise the amazing resource that is right on our doorstep. She has been working with Visit Dartmoor to create holiday calendars to encourage families to enjoy everything Dartmoor has to offer. Rebecca also writes fun Dahl-esk poetry and fiction to encourage children to fall in love with Dartmoor as she did as a child. These have been turned into workshops that are taken into schools, along with the other educational days her freelance consultants conduct.

She writes about parenting and education for a variety of magazines, including the local Tavy and Moor Links Magazines. “My aim is to encourage parents and teachers to get outside and into their locality – including Dartmoor- with children through my writing and regular ‘What’s On’ guides.’ 

In the Office

In the Office

Her consultancy clients include local authorities and governments offices, magazines and a variety of tourism businesses. Rebecca uses her wealth of experience gained from years as a teacher, consultant and Ofsted Inspector to gently guide her clientele; helping them see themselves through the eyes of a child. She supports them in understanding how to market to their target audience, how to make important changes that improve their provision for families and most importantly, how to gain more custom.’ 

If you want to contact us about our consultancy, writing or find out more about what we do, please e-mail us on; follow us on Twitter @excitinged or find us on Facebook

Get them out there!

projectsWe all know that holiday time can be an expensive time of the year; but we are so lucky in the South West to have so many great days out. Check out the Primary Times from the link below as they have lots of ideas and free days out that will keep your little ones occupied! Look under your region and check out the free ideas for the beach and countryside under the Devon page.