Sun Awareness Week – What do you call a snowman with a sunburn?

Sun Awareness Week – What do you call a snowman with a sunburn?

A puddle.

Hilarious I know! This joke made me laugh recently while I was enjoying some family time in the wonderful warm weather over the Easter weekend. What wasn’t quite so hilarious was the pain and possible after effects of sunburn I experienced the following day.

The 6 th – 12 th May is Sun Awareness Week. What can you do as responsible owners of attractions and heritage sites to help keep the children, families and school groups that visit you safe?

Everyone needs the occasional friendly reminder about sun safety. Consider displaying top tips for sun safety. Talk about these top tips with the school groups who visit. The staff will be pleased that you are giving their safety such a high priority. Remind the children to

Wear sunscreen

Apply it frequently throughout the day

Cover up their skin

Wear a hat

Sunglasses look cool and help keep your eyes safe

Spend time chilling in the shade

Remember to drink lots of water

Feeling ill, dizzy or too hot?  Tell and adult and sit in the shade.

As owners, you can also offer to refill water bottles free of charge. If you are really amazing and want to be remembered for the right reasons, you could even offer free sunscreen for anyone who might have forgotten theirs!

Make sure that school EVC’s (Educational Visit Coordinators) know that you offer these services. It’s an important message to build into your school marketing strategy and to make clear on your risk assessments. Attention to these little details can make you stand out from your competitors and it reassures school staff that you have taken care of everything. If you would like to learn how to attract more school groups to your setting, contact us for a free consultation. We are here to help you increase your visitor numbers.

And finally, you could always run a competition for the best sun themed joke too. Children and staff will love this. Here are some ‘groaners’ to get you started….

Which day is usually the warmest? Sunday, of course!
Why doesn’t the sun need to go to university? Because it already has 15 million degrees (Celsius)

The Tamar Valley – Cornwall’s peaceful paradise

The Tamar Valley – Cornwall’s peaceful paradise

I had a fabulous day in Launceston at the Tamar Valley Tourism Conference recently, working alongside a host of individuals and organisations who are proud of their beautiful, un-spoilt valley. If you are not familiar with the Tamar Valley, it is somewhere very special that you really need to explore. Designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, it is home to rare animal and plant life as well as an array of local artists and crafts people.

There are numerous walks for all abilities taking in the spectacular scenery. The river Tamar runs through the valley, dividing Devon and Cornwall. Tavistock and Dartmoor are a short drive to the east, while Bodmin Moor is found to the west and Plymouth to the south.  There are many local attractions; The National Trust’s Cotehele house, gardens and quay are popular with families and couples. The valley is home to the famous Pentille Castle renown for being the filming location of several successful TV shows. Those of you with younger children might want to explore the Tamar Valley Donkey Park.

More adventurous travellers might enjoy kayaking down the Tamar or embarking on a fishing trip from the beautiful village of Calstock. Take a hike through the steep, wooded valley and you will reach one of my all time favourite educational visit locations, Morewhelham Quay. Here you can immerse yourself in learning about Victorian life. Take a trip down the mine on a rickety old train, watch the blacksmith work or dare to be taught by a teacher in a Victorian classroom.

The valley is also a wonderful place to explore if you are coming this way next year to celebrate the Mayflower 400 celebrations. Consider traveling there by rail on the Gunnislake branch line – one of the most picturesque train lines in the country.

Come and explore the Tamar Valley. It’s a wonderful, peaceful place that somehow manages to remain that way even at the peak of the summer season.

Contact me at Exciting Education if you want to know how to attract more school groups to your Tamar Valley attraction.

Creating Autism Friendly Settings

Creating Autism Friendly Settings

World Autism Awareness Week is celebrated in April. It is a great chance for everyone – including leisure and tourism businesses and charities – to raise money and awareness of autism for The National Autistic Society.

You could use our hints and tips below to support the autistic visitors to your business or charity.

Creating an Autism Friendly Setting

  • Marketing – ensure your promotional materials, social media and website let people know you offer an autistic friendly setting and how
  • Website – ensure that information is clearly signposted and and downloadable and offer a FAQ
  • Maps – offer maps showing areas of potential sensory overload (noisy areas/unexpected noises/extreme visuals), quiet areas and ensure that these are up-to-date
  • Trails – create downloadable trails that are autism friendly
  • Specialists – work with local and national autism societies and groups to develop your inclusivity
  • Training – have all staff conduct autism friendly training – not just those working directly with people
  • Information – through visual stories, maps and information about the setting, let visitors know what to expect

  • Champions – make it clear through badges – or another visual – who they can approach that has an understanding of their needs
  • Quiet Sessions – offer quiet sessions and days where people can avoid sensory overload – such as noise and crowds
  • Quiet Space – offer spaces where people can escape from sensory overloads
  • Warnings – through maps and warnings ensure people are pre-warned about visual or auditory displays
  • Packs – offer packs with autistic friendly activities and objects – including ear defenders
  • Trails – have trails that will enhance experience and understanding but not over stimulate
  • Communicate – ensure that communication supports inclusivity – e.g. using PECS

  • Evaluate – try to obtain feedback from autistic visitors and their families and friends – how can you improve?
  • Continue – continue to improve and develop your offer using feedback and the good practice of others
  • Partnerships – using partnerships with other settings and community groups can enhance your offer and give you ideas that will make a positive impact on your visitors





If you would like to know more about how to improve your setting and make it more inclusive to all the websites above have many posts, downloadable materials and useful guidelines.
Alternatively, we can support you with a thorough review of your provision and our inclusivity training


Create a Successful Email Campaign

Create a Successful Email Campaign


How to Create a Successful Email Campaign


We work with many clients who want to receive more visits from schools.

Our simple infographic provides essential information that will support the success of your email campaigns.

Telling you the best times to launch your marketing, as well as our top tips on getting in front of the teachers you are trying to reach.

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World Book Day: School Trip Inspiration

World Book Day: School Trip Inspiration

School trip ideas with with a World Book Day twist.

With World Book Day approaching, we have been thinking about school trip itineraries with a difference. We know demands on teachers are increasing; therefore, the more leisure and tourism and heritage venues can support them when planning their school visits, the more likely they are to book.


There are many authors, tales and stories originating all over Great Britain that will inspire young people to engage with storytelling and stimulate their imaginations. Many of these stories, and the wonderful authors who wrote them, are celebrated all year round; however, there is no better time than World Book Day to start hunting for inspiration for your next educational visit.


Click on the links below to access our itineraries.


AA Milne – East Sussex


Beatrix Potter – Lake District


JK Rowling and Harry Potter – Edinburgh


C S Lewis in Northern Ireland


Michael Morpurgo and Dartmoor


Robin Hood – Sherwood Forest


J.R.R. Tolkien and Birmingham


For more information about World Book Day go to

If you require any help creating itineraries for your setting, marketing to schools or improving your education offer,  please contact us at; we would love to hear from you.


A Week in the Life of an Exciting Education Consultant

A Week in the Life of an Exciting Education Consultant

 SO…what does a week in the life of an Exciting Education Consultant look like?


Watch our video below showing a ‘typical’ week for our MD – Rebecca Martin.



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