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We are a professional, friendly team of specialists.

Our team expertise comes from many years of experience in the education, marketing, heritage and tourism sectors. We are the extension to your setting, ensuring your education programmes are modern and exciting enough to attract more visitors to your business.

Your Project Director – Christiaan Stirling



“Nobody looks back on their school days and talks about that amazing maths or grammar lesson they had. Instead they recall with wonder their experiences with friends on trips outside of the classroom. I’m determined to help our clients create the most exciting, creative and memorable educational experiences possible for young people so that their unique venue will be the focus of each child’s special memory.”


For the last 25 years Christiaan has worked in a range of schools in a variety of leadership roles, including Headteacher. He has extensive experience of the education sector and a detailed knowledge of how modern schools function.

Christiaan has many years’ experience as a school Governor in both the primary and secondary sectors and is currently a Director of a successful secondary school in Cornwall.

In 2015 Christiaan joined a Devon charity, The Emotional Logic Centre, and he is now their COO. As part of this role, Christiaan advises and trains school leaders, pupils and families across the UK and overseas. Christiaan is a qualified Emotional Logic Coach and a member of Plymouth City Council’s Foster Panel. He also manages to find time to do a little bit of teaching in a local primary school. Outside of work, you’ll often find Christiaan exploring the Dartmoor Tors with his wife and two sons or out in the waves on his body board. He’s also partial to a good cup of coffee.


We offer personalised curriculum development based on your unique setting, linked to key aspects of the national curriculum and current high-profile areas.


We offer training on how to develop a school friendly approach, expectations around safeguarding, how to ensure your offer is autism and SEND friendly and how to deliver your offer to ensure you gain repeat visits.


Do you understand why schools rarely respond to the usual marketing techniques? We can help you market and promote your unique offer to schools to help increase your visitor numbers.

Programme Design

We offer staff training and support proven to develop resilience and adaptability, resulting in increased staff morale and a reduction in absenteeism. We can train you and your team to find ways to move forward when feeling stuck or overwhelmed with life.

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