Sun Awareness Week – What do you call a snowman with a sunburn?

Sun Awareness Week – What do you call a snowman with a sunburn?

A puddle.

Hilarious I know! This joke made me laugh recently while I was enjoying some family time in the wonderful warm weather over the Easter weekend. What wasn’t quite so hilarious was the pain and possible after effects of sunburn I experienced the following day.

The 6 th – 12 th May is Sun Awareness Week. What can you do as responsible owners of attractions and heritage sites to help keep the children, families and school groups that visit you safe?

Everyone needs the occasional friendly reminder about sun safety. Consider displaying top tips for sun safety. Talk about these top tips with the school groups who visit. The staff will be pleased that you are giving their safety such a high priority. Remind the children to

Wear sunscreen

Apply it frequently throughout the day

Cover up their skin

Wear a hat

Sunglasses look cool and help keep your eyes safe

Spend time chilling in the shade

Remember to drink lots of water

Feeling ill, dizzy or too hot?  Tell and adult and sit in the shade.

As owners, you can also offer to refill water bottles free of charge. If you are really amazing and want to be remembered for the right reasons, you could even offer free sunscreen for anyone who might have forgotten theirs!

Make sure that school EVC’s (Educational Visit Coordinators) know that you offer these services. It’s an important message to build into your school marketing strategy and to make clear on your risk assessments. Attention to these little details can make you stand out from your competitors and it reassures school staff that you have taken care of everything. If you would like to learn how to attract more school groups to your setting, contact us for a free consultation. We are here to help you increase your visitor numbers.

And finally, you could always run a competition for the best sun themed joke too. Children and staff will love this. Here are some ‘groaners’ to get you started….

Which day is usually the warmest? Sunday, of course!
Why doesn’t the sun need to go to university? Because it already has 15 million degrees (Celsius)