How an Education Consultant Can Help You

How an Education Consultant Can Help You

Why do you need an education consultant?


What benefits can we bring to your company / charity / tourist attraction? Read on to find out more.


We meet many people who ask what we do and how can we help them.


Our answer is very simple: we can support you to make improvements to your setting and ensure that you are more attractive to your target market – whether it be families or school children, or both.

This is how:


A ‘Fresh Pair of Eyes’  

When people are ‘in the thick’ of an organisation or project, it can be very difficult to obtain  a clear view of what is really happening. They are so immersed in coping with the day-to-day work that they can lose that ability to see what is really occurring on all levels and if important changes need to be made. Time constraints can play a factor here too, with many personnel taking on multiple roles all with different objectives.

We can be the ‘new pair of eyes’ through which you see the real situation. Providing confirmation for solutions you deep-down already knew but may not have had the confidence to put in place; as well as creating solutions that you were unable to see.  All put into a format that is clear to understand, thus, allowing you to move forward and make swift changes that create positive results.



As we highlighted above, sometimes it is hard to see what strategic and operational changes need to be made within an organisation. You have so many priorities to consider that it can be difficult to organise all the education or family engagement areas that need to be developed.

Working with us can help you by creating the ideas you need and putting them into clear formats, whether this be reports with direct action plans or simple analysis tables. We blow away the fog to develop a clear road ahead. 


Insider Knowledge


We know education! Imagine taking your car to be fixed by someone who has not trained to be a mechanic or has no knowledge of cars…that is the same as writing education programmes without using an education expert.

We are experts in fixing or designing education and family friendly programmes because we have trained, worked in and have a deep understanding of education and children. We know what teachers want and what children need and this knowledge can be passed on to you.




 We work with other settings every day which means we have lots of ideas and contacts that can help you. From knowing which audio tour companies deliver quality at a great price, to innovative ideas that capture imaginations and inspires a generation of life-long learners – we see best practice every day.

Instead of spending hours researching new ideas, new products and new programmes, we can support you by giving you this information; we do the work for you!




Using a consultant is cost-effective in many ways.

Firstly, we are only a temporary and freelance ‘cog-in-the wheel’. You do not need to appoint longer-term employee and all the expenses that come with this personnel type. We are only a short-term expense.

Also, as highlighted in all the points raised above (‘Fresh-eyes; Clarity; Knowledge) we create solutions that work. We solve the problem or achieve the objectives set –  both quickly and effectively – which saves you time and money.


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