Exciting Education January Sale for Devon!


We are excited to launch our January Sale for tourism businesses in Devon. We are offering the following packages for local businesses which can be booked in January but used anytime throughout the year:

  • How are we doing analysis – a one-off analysis of how family friendly your business is. For tourist attractions this can be how school-friendly your education programmes are or how you look through the eyes of the families who visit you. For other businesses, it will be how well you meet the needs of your family audience. We will include a report and recommendations that will allow you to make improvements that will guarantee a great reputation more repeat business.

Tourist Attractions £600 including an initial meeting, getting-to-know-your-business day, final report and consultation meeting

Hotels £300 including an initial meeting, getting-to-know-your-business half-day, final report and consultation meeting

Cafes and restaurants £200 including an initial meeting, getting-to-know-your-business time, final report and consultation meeting

  • 5 Day Training Package – we will work with your business to make you more family friendly, including  providing specific training for you or your staff to make the improvements you need to gain more business. From creating the right family welcome to those special touches to make you the ‘family friendly’ place to go. For businesses that have educational programmes we can analyse the quality of your provision, check the relevance to the new curriculums and provide tailored training to ensure your staff have the skills needed to keep up with current educational changes.

Tourist Attractions £1400

Hotels £1000

Cafes and restaurants £400 for a 2 day training package


Exciting Consultancy JPG


Please contact us on info@excitingeducation.co.uk and quote JANUARY SALE; we will get back to you ASAP to book an initial, no obligation phone call.