Christopher Columbus Poem

Christopher Columbus Poem

Christopher Columbus Poem Full of Facts and Fun!

As you all know, we like to share snippets of historical facts here at Exciting Education so we have written a little poem about the history of Christopher Columbus’ ‘Voyage of Discovery’ which wasn’t quite the historical genius we are led to believe! On 3rd August 1492, Christopher Columbus set off on his first voyage that started the Spanish reign in the West Indies and America.


Christopher Columbus

Chris Columbus

Chris Columbus he’s our man,

If anyone can find it, he can,

this Italian with a dad in wool,

ended up finding land that was rather cool,

this map seller obsessed with being rich,

his lack of fortune he tried to switch,

1492, he set sail with his ships in threes,

Clara, Nina, Maria – made from trees,

paid for by Ferd and Is from Spain,

who hoped for spice routes which they could reign,

looking for China and the rest of Asia too,

he spotted something unexpected and rather new,

little did he know the Vikings had been there,

but it wasn’t common knowledge to be fair,

He found the West Indies and their native tribes,

which Christo charmed with his present bribes,

the lands were claimed for Spain alone,

and Columbus took captive inhabitants from their home,

he set sail minus forty men,

whizzed to the monarchs before returning again,

all the men had sadly died,

but Christopher he did not cry,

he had found more land yet,

and riches for his troubles did he get,

his fourth and final voyage in 1502,

proved a little more than he could do,

stranded for a year on American soil,

he returned to Spain sick and temperature at boil,

In 1506, he finally passed away,

but we remember him to this day,

he went down in history,

as the superstar in discovery.


Rebecca Martin