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School Travel Awards

School Travel Awards


Voting starts this month!  Voting and nominations for the School Traveller Organiser Magazine’s School Travel Awards starts this month and they need as much help as possible to get teachers and ‘outside the classroom’ practitioners to vote and nominate. Why don’t you say thanks to that setting or teacher that has gone above and beyond to create a memorable experience? 

There are 17 awards in total including My Best School Trip Award and School Trip Champion Award. For more information check out the webpage; it tells you how to nominate and vote as well has having a list of all the available awards. 

The awards are: 

My Best School Trip Award – Prize £1,500

The basis for this award is for teachers to ask their pupils to write a review of a school trip; what they experienced, and what they felt was gained from the trip. The top three contributions by the pupils who went on the trip are selected by the teacher and sent to School Travel Organiser with an overview narrative supplied by the teacher, outlining what the objectives were and what was actually achieved, either in a single curriculum activity or cross-curriculum partnership.

Judging will be carried out by a panel of experts based on a criteria which will be available on request and which will be published on the website shortly. The winning school will receive a cash prize of £1,500 which can be used against a future school trip to be taken within nine months of the Award being made. The trip will be featured as a case study in School Travel Organiser.

School Trip Champion Award – Prize £1,000

Nominations will be welcomed to recognise outstanding teachers (or organisers) involved in learning outside the classroom which can be supplied from colleagues, venues, tour operators or professional bodies. The winner will receive a prize of £1,000 which will be given to the school that he / she works for, to contribute to a school trip which should be taken within nine months of the Award. The trip will feature in School Travel Organiser magazine.

Best Heritage Venue

What venue or visit has really delivered for you and met or exceeded your expectations when it’s come to educational visits. Can be awarded to a castle, cathedral, stately home, historic property or an attraction that promotes learning and understanding when it comes to history and heritage.

Best Sporting Venue

This could be a stadium tour, or an actual sporting event or sports museum. What venues really stood out and should they be recognised?

Best Theatre Production for Schools

What better than an exciting trip to the West End or perhaps a theatre near to your school? Did the production excite, inspire and entertain, and was it well directed with a message pupils could relate too? Did it tie in with a subject and lesson plan and were you able to book and take part in any workshops?

Best International Destination

With more and more schools making short haul trips to Europe and long haul trips worldwide, the choice and opportunity for exciting educational visits grows and grows. What delivered for you?

Best UK Destination

Trips at home are varied and many. We’re looking for you to tell us the best city, town, or other location, area or venue that has provided you and your school groups with meaningful, enriching and fun learning outside the classroom.

Best Ski Resort

Skiiing is very popular for older school children and resorts offer a fantastic range of opportunities. Which would you recommend?

Best Museum Visit

Whether in the UK or overseas, museums are a cornerstone of learning outside the classroom. Who should be recognised as offering an outstanding visit, plus pre and post visit assistance and learning links for schools?

Best Food & Learning Experience

Eating and learning often go hand in hand and there are some excellent opportunities to dine or work with food and engage in a learning experience too. Who’s best on your menu?

Best Venue for Science Learning

Trips should be fun but let’s not forget the exciting learning potential available too. What’s best for science?

Best Venue for Maths Learning

Students can be surprised by how a range of experiences can relate to the all-important subject of maths. Make it fun and help them learn!

Best Venue for English Learning

It might be a play, a drama experience or a museum or library that stands out. What has engaged your class and deserves recognition?

Best Venue for History Learning

The UK has arguably the most accessible and varied resource for history in the world. Or perhaps a venue or attraction overseas has struck a chord with your history learning? Who is best of the best, based on your experience of organising educational visits?

Best Adventure Experience

Children love to learn through play and combined with the opportunity for team learning and physical development, the adventure experience remains an important part of learning away from school.

Best School Tour Operator

Reliability, creativity, due diligence and of course safety are just some of the things teachers expect from School Tour Operators. Who do you trust to help organise successful trips?

Best Residential Experience

Residential trips can offer amazing experiences for children and teachers. It’s got to be clean, safe and suitable. It also should deliver great value and, if required, good food too. What experience stands out for your previous trips?

The 5 star ceremony lunch will take place on Thursday 10th November 2016 at the wonderful Royal Garden Hotel, Kensington, London.

So let’s get behind these amazing awards and celebrate those attractions and teachers who are creating inspiring learning for children outside the classroom and memories that last a lifetime!