This week we have…

Beautiful Dartmoor

Taking in the view on the way to a meeting!


This week we have been working on some exciting articles that are coming up including: Q and A with the wonderful local author and creative writing extraordinaire: Babs Horton; The Secret Diary of a Nursery Manager; Can You Get a Work-Life Balance in the Teaching Profession? (don’t laugh!) and A Week in the Life of a Local Nursery. Watch this space…

Terrific Time Tying Shoes!

Building Independence

Building Independence

Try this easy video with some interesting ways to teach children to tie their shoes. You may want to use the ideas on the video and teach your child/children yourself or let them watch ‘Magical Molly’ pass on her tricks. Let us know how you get on, or if you have another tried and tested way that you would like to share with us.