We work with many clients who need support knowing what events schools celebrate throughout the year and how this can benefit them.

We have created a 2017/18 list of the weeks, days and months celebrated by the schools you want to attract. From Science Week to World Book Day; knowing these events and creating events for pupils can increase current school visits as well as building positive relationships for future school trips.


Ways to use the calendar include:

  1. Plan themed events and invite schools to attend.
  2. Create partnerships with local schools and plan events with them.
  3. Ask the schools to join a mailing list to keep them up-to-date with all your exciting events in the future.

Download your pdf version of our calendar here : School Calendar Months

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To find out more about how Exciting Education can work with you to attract more school or family visits, e-mail info@excitingeducation.co.uk; alternatively, click here to go our website.

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