This week our ‘Mother’ is reflecting on a modern day Christmas in a slightly unusual way. We hope you enjoy her re-write of T’was the Night Before Christmas. 

T'was the Night Before Christmas
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T’was the Night Before Christmas


A Modern Day T’was the Night Before Christmas


T’was the night before Christmas,
And all through the house,
No –one was sleeping,
Not even a louse.


Dad was doing carrots,
In the kitchen with care,
Whilst mum wrapped presents,
With Sellotape everywhere.


The Bucks Fizz was chilling,
The port was uncorked,
The pigs in their blankets,
The brussels de-storked.


The children were laying,
Still in their beds,
Thoughts of an I-pad,
Filling their heads.


The tension was mounting,
The drinks were unpoured,
The list never-ending,
Too much to be stored.


Del-boy on the tele,
Friends Facebooking pics,
Grandma asking for towels,
Like it is the Ritz.


Midnight approaching,
At an alarming rate,
The house in a total,
Complete utter state.


When all of a sudden,
There arose an idea,
‘let’s just leave it till morning
and just have a beer’.


At once the glorious sound,
Travelled through the home,
Of corks popping up and
The pouring of foam.


Mum smiled,
dad lost his frown,
The mess seemed okay,
As the booze travelled down.


An hour passed,
Or maybe two,
By now mum and dad,
Had sunk a few.


They realised the time,
Chucked stockings on beds,
Kissed their kids,
Tucked in the teds.


Dad sprang into bed,
and his nose started to whistle,
Mum jumped into bed like the down of a thistle,
But I heard her exclaim as she was in full flight,
“Happy Christmas to all and to all a good night!”


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